[A viewpoint regardless of whether Imran Khan is right or wrong and without any party bias.]

The former Prime Minister (PTI Chairman) Imran Khan was arrested on May 9 while leaving the IHC premises, by Rangers on orders from the NAB following claims that he and a real estate magnate stole Rs. 50 billion from the national treasury and registered the Al-Qadir University Trust on 450 kanals of land. And soon after this incident, IHC took notice of the action, and later on, Imran's arrest had been deemed "lawful" by IHC Chief Justice Aamer Farooq.

After having the arrest "lawful" by IHC, the top court especially intervened in the matter and reversed the decision of the IHC and declared it "unlawful". Not only this, the CJP himself did well come to the accused and said " Good to see you" by calling him on the rostrum. It is a matter of astonishment for everyone, I think such an attitude by the top Qazi-ul-Quza (CJ) seems unbecoming, as contradictory to our Islamic history, the history of the civilized world, judiciary, and the Judicial norms. It could also be said a matter of partiality and extraordinary intervention and support not only affected the honor of the CJP but the top judiciary as well. Which has severely affected the public confidence in the Supreme Judiciary.

Moreover, taking no timely sou moto of the critical situation in the country from May 9 to May 12, 2023, is also a question mark on the top judiciary while following Imran Khan's arrest, the ban on mobile internet services which amounted to billions of losses to the economy of Pakistan. And at the same time the damages, which protesters and miscreants caused by attacking, ransacking, and burning key government and military buildings, including the General Headquarters (GHQ) and the residence of the Corps Commander Lahore, Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar, torching the government and private vehicles including police vans, Animal Markete in Peshawar, "Red Buses" of People Bus Service in Karachi, as well as many people, lost their lives, dozens of others were injured and hundreds of PTI supporters were detained, including key PTI leaders. 

May Allah Almighty lead our country towards peace and harmony. Ameen. 


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